Name in Japanese 石榴
Rōmaji Translation Zakuro
Appears in Movie
Voice Actor (Japanese) Masako Katsuki
Voice Actor (English) Maureen O'Connell
Personal Info
Gender Female
Affiliation/s Eight Devils of Kimon
Status Deceased

Zakuro (石榴, Zakuro) is a very vengeful and powerful woman. She also has the ability to make living things, actually once living things, explode.

The seventh demon to be defeated. She is in love with Yurimaru, who instead loves Genma (Genma is apparently bisexual, as he apparently sleeps with both Yurimaru and Benisato); by this end, she is very vengeful and took revenge against Yurimaru for rejecting her. Zakuro has the ability to manipulate gunpowder, and plants them inside living or dead organisms, having them move as explosive traps. She is killed by Dakuan and Jubei on the ship when they ignite her gunpowder body.

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