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Name in Japanese 百合丸
Rōmaji Translation Yurimaru
Appears in Movie
Voice Actor (Japanese) Toshihiko Seki
Voice Actor (English) Richard Cansino
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation/s Eight Devils of Kimon
Status Deceased

Yurimaru (百合丸, Yurimaru) was one of the 8 Devils of Kimon. He was second in command and handled most of the clans' operations in Gemma's stead. He can generate electricity internally and often projects it onto his enemies via a thin metal wire that he can seemingly manipulate at will. He also has the ability to make himself invisible though it's not made clear in the film if it is invisibility or some sort of teleportation.

He is in love with Gemma and seems to take on tasks to impress or please him. He occasionally communicates with him literally "over the wire". It's even hinted in the film that they've slept together. This is revealed when Zakuro professes her love for Yurimaru who emotionlessly refuses her feelings saying, "I don't need your love. You don't interest me in the slightest."

Yurimaru often displays a cold and even condescending attitude towards his fellow clan mates. He is a very meticulous and calculating leader and doesn't tolerate failure or insubordination. This is shown when he executes Benisato after she's apprehended by Kagero, although this can also be attributed to his jealousy of Benisato after hearing that she'd slept with Gemma.

Yurimaru is killed by one of Zakuro's bombs while fighting Jubei. It's made to seem as though she did this intentionally because of the grudge she has from Yurimaru's rejection but she informs Gemma that it was completely by accident who seems indifferent to the loss of his loyal follower while Zakuro calls the dead Yurimaru the "Queen of Devils".