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Rōmaji Translation Yayoi
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Nana Mizuki
Personal Info
Gender Female
Relatives Tatsunosuke (older brother)
Status Active

Yayoi is Tatsunosuke's younger sister.


Yayoi is a young girl with brown hair put in two with a bang covering her forehead,& has red crimson eyes, she wears a ragging old kimono with an apron to the front.


Her current occupation is a vegetable farmer.


While her brother is out, she grows vegetables so that they wouldn't go hungry. She considers her brother useless since he cannot do anything right. Every time her brother is away stealing, two unnamed samurai's have been trespassing on their land, looking for Tatsunosuke since he's a known thief. Yayoi tries telling them she doesn't know where her brother is and tries fighting them off, but she usually gets beaten up. Because they left a bruise underneath her eyes, Tatsunosuke found out about this and beats up the samurai, terrifying them due to his powers. In the end Yayoi recovers from her injuries,and is seen plowing while her brother is eating and tells him "That the only thing he's good at is eating". She sees Tsubute and Jubei off with her brother.