Name in Japanese ヤドリギ
Rōmaji Translation Yadorigi
Appears in Episode 1
Voice Actor (Japanese) Suyama Akio
Voice Actor (English) N/A
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation/s Kimon Clan
Status Deceased

Yadorigi (ヤドリギ, Yadorigi) is the son of Ubume who lives in her body and comes out to the surface to form his own tiny body.


Yadorigi is small and only his upper half body was seen, since he is merged into his mother Ubume. He has short brown hair.


He tends to laugh maniacally, especially when they succeed in their mission and peoples are killed. He comes out only when there is no danger and when it gets scared, he hides himself inside his mother.


Yadorigi was first seen coming out of his mother, when she killed Mozuku, telling the rodents to eat the whole Mozuku and to not leave a thing. When he saw Magai and Ubume's rodents to get killed, he quickly retreated inside of his mother.

Later when Gouten and Ubume attacked the village of the light maiden, he was seen ordering the rodents that Ubume released to go and eat everyone, while laughing maniacally. When Ubume was killed by Jubei, he came out and started talking to his mother to not die, wondering what will happen to him and the rodents and then just melted and died.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Yadorigi don't possess any specific additional strength. He is able to metamorph into his mother in and out at will.