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Rōmaji Translation Tsubute
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Romi Paku
Voice Actor (English) Scott Menville
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Active

Tsubute is a character who first appeared in Ninja Scroll: The Series as one of the main characters.


Tsubute is a young man in his mid teens. He has light brown hair and green eyes.


He is a sneaky mountain thief who grew up in the mountains with his family, trying to make a living by stealing anything that's valuable. He is able to trick travelers into giving him their valuables. He would still from anyone, alive or dead. Tsubute stated that he has never seen the ocean before since he grew up on the mountains and couldn't believe their are other lands beyond the ocean. Thus, he often gets sea sick. Tsubute keeps the team from starving, since he knows how to eat and survive in the woods. Tsubute is very talented at throwing rocks at his opponents, knocking them out clearly. His nickname is "The Mountain Thief".


He first encounters Shigure in the woods and plans to sell her to get money when they are suddenly ambushed by thieves who wanted Shigure as well. Tsubute acclaims she belongs to him and saves her; Dakuan a traveling priest helps them escape from the thieves. Afterwards Shigure introduce herself and explains what had happened to her before suddenly they are attacked by a member of the Kimon Clan. After they defeat him, Tsubute decides to tagging along with Dakuan and Shigure on the journey to Yagyu Village and tries to steal the Dragon Stone whenever he can but is always stopped by Jubei.

On their travels, Tsubute meets another thief just like him around his age named Tatsunosuke who has the ability to turn his body into diamond.

Tsubute living with Shigure in her village.

Realizing he can't steal the Dragon Stone any more, he decides to help Shigure discover if she's really the Light Maiden and helps to stop the Kimon Clan from capturing her. In the end, the Kimon and Hiroku Clan were both destroyed and Shigure finds out she's a descendant of the Ancient Ones, inheriting their ancient powers and that she really is The Light Maiden. After Shigure chose to live a normal life, Tsubute lives with her back in her village planting vegetables while Dakuan continues traveling. Tsubute tells Shigure he misses the adventures they had and hopes someday they can do it again.


  • Tsubute believes that Jubei died in the volcano eruption, not knowing he survived.