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Name in Japanese 太郎左
Rōmaji Translation Tarōza
Appears in Episode 1
Voice Actor (Japanese) Sakaguchi Ken`ichi
Voice Actor (English) N/A
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Deceased

Taroza (太郎左, Tarōza) is a ninja who pretends to be an ordinary man along with others and lives in the village with the light maiden, in order to protect her.


Taroza is an average height man, with big body and good build muscles. He has blue eyes and dark brown short hair with big whiskers.


Taroza is a nice and loyal man, willing to humiliate himself or even give his life in order to protect the light maiden.


Taroza was seen sparring with Shigure, were he was yelling more than actually doing something and was easily hit on the head by Shigure, making everyone around them laughing at him. Shigure scolded him, telling him to not close his eyes.

Later when the village was attacked by Ubume and Gouten, he along with the rest of the villagers, revealed that they are actually ninjas and started fighting. He along with Jiroza, saved Shigure from being eaten by Ubume's rodents. They let her run and continued to fight, so Shigure could escape. He was later seen dead, along with Jiroza, laying back to back to each other.

Power & Abilities[]

Taroza is a skilled ninjas, who is very good with the shurikens and the sword. He was easily able to kill multiple Ubume's rodents with his sword.