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Name in Japanese シジマ
Rōmaji Translation Shijima
Appears in Movie
Voice Actor (Japanese) Akimasa Omori
Voice Actor (English) Sonny Byrkett
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation/s Eight Devils of Kimon
Status Deceased

Shijima (シジマ Shijima?) is one of the Eight Devils of Kimon, and the fifth to be defeated. He has the ability to merge into the shadows, create clones of himself, fire a large metallic claw from his hand and even possess people's minds. His main weapon is his mechanical claw which he can throw very fast out of the shadows.

A master of stealth and misdirection, Shijima captures and brainwashes Kagero to lure Jubei into his trap. He strikes at him from the shadows by using his metal claw. He is killed by Jubei when he rescues Kagero, whom he had hypnotized to try to kill. Jubei throws his sword into the shadows just as Shijima attempts to hide in them.