Name in Japanese 武士
Rōmaji Translation Bushi
Appears in Episode 2
Voice Actor (Japanese) Murozono Takehiro
Voice Actor (English) N/A
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Alive

Samurai (武士, Bushi, real name uknown) is a samurai with a master's license in Kashima Munen Swordmanship, which he likely paid for it.


He is a tall skinny man, with a long dark hair kept as tail. He also have thin eyebrows which are pointing up. He is also wearing an samurai's sword


He is a prideful man, but boosts with his master's license in swordmanship, which he likely just paid for.


He was first seen, surprised that Tsubute wants more money to lead him through the dangerous forest. The samurai then threatened him that he have master's license in Kashima Munen Swordmanship, but Tsubute told him that he probably brought it. That angered the samurai, who took some steps back and draw his sword. Then Tsubute told him to calm down and in the mean time took out some rocks from his pocket and shot the samurai, making him fall and roll downhill.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

According to him, he have a master's license from respectful swordmanship dojo, but he probably just paid for it and it's not very skilled with the sword.