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Name in Japanese 狼牙
Rōmaji Translation Rōge
Appears in Episode 1
Voice Actor (Japanese) Nakata Jouji
Voice Actor (English) John Demita
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation/s Hiruko Clan
Status Deceased

Rouga (狼牙, Rōge) is a shinobi that wears an iron mask. He stole the Dragon Stone to give it to the light maiden.


He have and slightly spiked brown hair and wears an iron mask to hide his face. When he transforms his body grows fur and his nails get longer. He also have an beast face in his transformation with sharp teeth.


He is usually calm and honest man. He also deeply care for the light maiden and even gave his life to protect her.


Rouga was first seen running from the Hiruko Clan with the Dragon Stone. Mozuku was able to catch up on him and tried to convince him to return, but then they were attacked by Magai and Ubume. Magai started attacking Rouga, so he fought back. Even from distance, he realized that Mozuku was killed. His fight with Magai was interupted by passing by Jubei, who even killed Magai after he tried attacking him. Rouga knew who Jubei was and tried hiring him, but he refused, saying that he don't trust a man who hide his face.

Later Rouga reached the light maiden village while it was attacked by the Kimon Clan. He took Shigure with him and tried to run, but Ubume's rodents combined themselves and he had to stop and fight. Rouga told Shigure to run, while his mask broke and he started his full transformation and started to fight with the rodent. In the fight he lost his arm and was barely able to injure the rodent, who eventually won over him and just when was about to eat Rouga, the rodent melted because of the death of Ubume. Soon Jubei arrived and Rouga asked him if he now trusts him, considering he don't have a mask anymore and asked Jubei to give the Dragon Stone to Shigure. Little before he died, he wanted to hold the feather that the light maiden have dropped.

Power & Abilities[]

He is able to transform to a beast form like a werewolf. In that form, he grows fur, long nails and sharp teeth. He can use the nails to slash his opponents, which are strong enough to even cut down a tree.