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Name in Japanese 猫目
Rōmaji Translation Nekome
Appears in Episode 2
Voice Actor (Japanese) Matsumoto Rika
Voice Actor (English) Julia Fletcher
Personal Info
Gender Female
Affiliation/s Hiruko Clan
Status Deceased

Nekome (猫目, Nekome) is a maliciously playful kunoichi with many feline traits and is always accompanied by a black cat.


Nekome is a woman of average height with red, spikey hair and green, cat-like eyes as well as feline claws alongside hidden blades on her hands; her wardrobe consists of a brownish-red, skintight, one-piece bodysuit.


A playful woman, just as her cat-like appearance would suggest, Nekome is loyal to her clan but also isn't completely unreasonable. In fact, she attempted to use diplomacy to retrieve the Dragon Stone on two separate occasions, first before actually engaging Jubei in combat and the second time when she'd gotten the upper hand. The reason for why she did this is unknown, perhaps it was just to avoid doing too much work or maybe she was intentionally trying to avoid any unnecessary bloodshed.


Nekome confronts Jubei in a deserted town and tries to convince him to part with the Dragon Stone since it originally belonged to the Hiruko Clan, but the wandering shinobi refused as he intended to keep a promise he made to Rouga. Seeing no other choice, Nekome attacks him but he dodges and quickly tries to slice her in two but she manages to evade and flees into a building, Jubei following hot on her heels from outside, Nekome attacking him from above and, using her great agility, lands a kick him. As the fight continued, Jubei is caught off guard by a second Hiruko Clan member from underground and is left open but, despite his defenselessness, Nekome askes the vagabond to give her the Dragon Stone but he refuses, breaking free and killing the second ninja before swinging his katana at her. Nekome manages to dodge the blade itself but is unable to avoid the flying vacuum blade created by his attack, slicing both the kunoichi and the water tower at her back in two, killing her.

Power & Abilities[]

Much like a cat, Nekome was a very agile fighter, capable of gracefully dodging nearly all of Jubei's attacks with great ease. Her flexibility enabled her to jump or kick from unexpected positions and cut down her opponents in combination with her concealed blades.