Name in Japanese 猫目
Rōmaji Translation Nekome
Appears in Episode 2
Voice Actor (Japanese) Matsumoto Rika
Voice Actor (English) Julia Fletcher
Personal Info
Gender Female
Affiliation/s Hiruko Clan
Status Deceased

Nekome (猫目, Nekome) is a maliciously playful kunoichi with feline-like feet and claws. She is also always accompanied by a black cat.


Nekome have a red spiked hair, with green cat-eyes. She have an feline-like feet and claws, and also have hidden blades on her hands.


She is playful like a cat, but reasonable, as she tried to take the Dragon Stone with talks twice, to avoid unnecessary fight.


She confronted Jubei in a deserted town and asked him to give her the Dragon Stone, since it was originally belonging to Hiruko Clan, but Jubei refused, since he had made a promise with a man. Then she attacked him, but when he tried to slice her, she went out of the building. Jubei followed her outside, where she attacked him from above and using her agility, was able to kick him easily. As the fight continued, Jubei was caught by another Hiruko Clan member from underground, Nekome asked him again if he will give her the Dragon Stone, but Jubei refused and pushed her away. As the fight continued she dodged one of Jubei's attacks, calling it a close call, but Jubei wondered if it was really a close call and in that moment a large wound opened through the whole chest of Nekome and she fell down dead.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

She is very agile and capable of dodging various sword attacks with ease. Due to her agility, she is able to jump and kick from unexpected directions and positions. She also have 2 hidden blades in her hands, which she uses to cut down her opponents.



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