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Name in Japanese 蟲蔵
Rōmaji Translation Mushizō
Appears in Movie
Voice Actor (Japanese) Reizō Nomoto
Voice Actor (English) Milton James
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation/s Eight Devils of Kimon
Status Deceased

Mushizo (蟲蔵 Mushizō?) is one of the Eight Devils of Kimon, with a very strange ability to control hornets. Not only can he communicate with and command them, but in Jubei's fight with him it is shown that Mushizo himself is a walking hive.

Mushizo's weapon of choice is a two-pronged pitch fork type weapon, and has a deadly "throat needle" which he can spit out of his mouth. While Kagero uses her powers to resist Mushizo's swarm of hornets, Jubei tracks the demon into a water mill and questions him about Genma's fate. Mushizo confirms that Genma has the power of reincarnation, and the two engage in a brief battle during which Jubei slices the hunch on Mushizo's back which is revealed to be the hornet's home. The insects fly out to attack Jubei, and he escapes into a nearby lake as Mushizo and his minions wait for him to surface for air.  Jubei uses his Wind Slash technique underwater to slice off Mushizo's right leg and send him hurling into the water. Mujuro Utsutsu and Zakuro observe the battle from above and notice when the hornets still within Mushizo's hive begin stinging his body in vain to escape the water. Jubei finishes him with a decapitating strike.