Name in Japanese 無風
Rōmaji Translation Mufū
Appears in Episode 1
Voice Actor (Japanese) Tanaka Hideyuki
Voice Actor (English) Dwight Shultzs
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation/s Hiruko Clan
Status Alive

Mufu (無風, Mufū) is the leader of the Hiruko Clan who is rebelling against the Kimon Clan. When the Dragon Stone was stolen, he sends his Clan to find it and to take it back from Jubei. He is also the brother of Kimon clan's leader.


Mufu is wearing a big yellow mask with big red eyes. He has shoulder length light brown hair and he is wearing big shoulder-pads and white and green robe.



Mufu was first seen in the Hiruko Clan base, were he understood that Mozuku was killed by the Kimon Clan and that the light maiden will be in danger.

When Roga died, his head was brought to him. Using his ability, he questioned Roga's head about the attack on the light maiden village, where is the Dragon Stone and how does Jubei looks like. After Roga's head turning to Jubei's face, he told him men that they must find Jubei.

She later attacked the light maiden's village, along with Gouten. She send out multiple of her rodents and started a fight with Jubei, but was easily cut in half by him and killed. And her son and rodents died along with her.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Mufu is capable of bringing back a decapitated head back to life, in order to ask questions.