Name in Japanese 蛛頭蛛
Rōmaji Translation Mozuku
Appears in Episode 1
Voice Actor (Japanese) Tanonaka Isamu
Voice Actor (English) Jack Fletcher
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation/s Hiruko Clan
Status Deceased

Mozuku (蛛頭蛛, Mozuku) is a shinobi with green skin and a specialized gland on his forehead that spews a thick spiderweb substance. He was sent after Rouga to retrieve the Dragon Stone but attacked by the Kimon ninja instead. He was killed by Ubume's rodents.


Mozuku have a green skin and wears slightly torn clothes. He have gland on his forehead with 8 legs/lines going into 4 directions. He is bald, skinny and have pointy ears. He also seems to always be squatting and even running on 4 legs.


Not much is know about his personality, but he seems to be a man that wants to keep the laws of the clan.


Mozuku was able to catch up on Rouga and tried to convince him to return with the Dragon Stone he stole, telling him that it's not too late and he may not even be punished. But then they were attacked by Magai and Ubume. Ubume attacked Mozuku with her fire-whip, then Mozuku used his spiderweb substance, but she run. He went after her and was able to catch her in a big web and told her she can't escape. When he went closer to kill her, she released her rodents that reside in her and they ate Mozuku alive.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

He possess an gland on his forehead that can spew a thick spiderweb substance. Using this, he can shoot at opponents from distance and trying to immobilize them. He can also create a big spiderweb, which according to him, once you are caught in it, you can't escape.