Ninja Scroll Wiki
Name in Japanese 魔貝
Rōmaji Translation Magai
Appears in Episode 1
Voice Actor (Japanese) Sasaki Nozomu
Voice Actor (English) Dave Whittenberg
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation/s Kimon Clan
Status Deceased

Magai (魔貝, Magai) is a diminutive shinobi that wields a giant spear; attached is a peddle-powered umbrella that spins and flies like a helicopter. While trying to steal the Dragon Stone from Rouga, he is cut down by Jubei.


Magai have a waist long light brown hair and wears a helmet with goggles which also covers his ears. His clothing is mostly revealing and seems like a swimsuit and also have long gloves and stockings.


Not much is know about his personality, but he seems to be little crazy and short tempered.


Magai came down flying using his spear-umbrella and interrupted Mozuku and Rouga's conversation. He then said that he got their attention and Ubume can now appear. He was left fighting Rouga, but he was able to dodge all of Magai's attacks. After seeing that Ubume was able to defeat Mozuku, Magai stated that it's his turn now, but was interrupted of the clapping Jubei, who asked them to leave, since they disturbed his sleep. Magai got agitated by Jubei's attitude and attacked Jubei, who easily dodged. Magai though that he was safe, while stays in the air and out of Jube's sword, but then Jubei took out his sword, launched an attack and killed Magai by splitting him in two.

Power & Abilities[]

Magai uses a sort of spear-umbrella. With using pedals, he is able to fly with it in the air and to launch spinning attacks at his opponent. While the umbrella is not opened, he can use it as ordinary spear to fight.