Koga Ninja Team Meeting

During their meeting

The Koga Ninja Team were a group of shinobi serving the Mochizuki Clan.


The Team served the Mochizuki Clan Chamberlain Sakaki Hyobu and was led by their Lord Hanza. The Team consisted of mostly men and used shuriken among other traditional ninja weapons.


Hanza reported to Sakaki that members of the group spotted suspicious figures leaving Shimada Village. Insisting that the recent epidemic and the figures were no coincidence, Hanza urged his Lord to take action. In agreeance Sakaki ordered Hanza to take the team to the village to investigate, implying they should not return if infected. Later Hanza gathered the team excluding Kagero to discuss their strategy. Worried about her peers, Kagero intruded on the meeting, convincing Hanza to let her accompany them. While enroute to the village the team was nearly wiped out by Tessai and Yurimaru, leaving Kagero as the lone survivor. She continued to serve the interests of the Chamberlain until her death later in the film.


The team's name implies that they are practitioners of the Koga-ryu, a set of ninjutsu and traditions originating in the Koka Region.