Name in Japanese 轟天
Rōmaji Translation Gōten
Appears in Episode 1
Voice Actor (Japanese) Ootomo Ryuuzaburou
Voice Actor (English) Jack Fletcher
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation/s Kimon Clan
Status Deceased

Gouten (轟天, Gōten) is a shinobi that uses a large human-like mecha to fight, drive or fly with.


The mecha looks like large human with a tank-like armor, it carries two giant clubs that act as wheels. On his back are four mounted flamethrowers. It possesses one big, red, glowing eye.

"Real" Gouten is seen when the mecha drowns, but his face is never shown.



Gouten was first seen, when Ubume approached him, after Magai was killed. She told him that she will need his help.

Later Gouten flies down from the sky at the village of the light maiden. He was attacked by the ninjas protecting the light maiden, but due to his strong armor, they did no damage to him. He then entered battle formation, started killing the ninjas with ease, and destroyed the village.

When the Light Maiden escaped, he released his small mechanical doll that was able to locate the Light Maiden. Once he received the signal from the doll, he dispatched an mechanical bird to contact Yamidoro and informed him. Yamidoro told him to not to fail this time and capture the girl. Later Dakuan was able to see his doll and destroyed it with kunai. Soon after that Gouten came from the sky and started chasing the Light Maiden and her group. Dakuan was able to trick Gouten to go near the edge of a waterfall, and Gouten fell from the cliff, breaking an arm and fell in the water. He tried to escape the mecha, but wasn't able and drowned before escaping.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

The mecha is quite durable and it's hard to be damaged. He has 2 large wheels/clubs, and he uses them to fight. Gouten can also enter into drive mode, where his defense becomes even better, due to his hat covering his head and with the spikes in front and the sides, he can drive near enemies to cut them. He can also spin his wheels/clubs and then throw himself at a distance. He also controls a little mechanical doll that acts as a spy, and a mechanical messenger bird.