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Genma Himuro
Genma Himuro.jpg
Name in Japanese 氷室 弦馬
Rōmaji Translation Himuro Genma
Appears in Movie
Voice Actor (Japanese) Daisuke Gōri
Voice Actor (English) Richard Epcar
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation/s Eight Devils of Kimon
Status Alive (Encased in molten gold and trapped at the bottom of the sea)

Genma Himuro (氷室 弦馬 Himuro Genma?) is Jubei's arch nemesis, and the leader of the Eight Devils of Kimon. Genma formerly served under the Yamashiro clan and tricked them into trying to kill Jubei for being a traitor. In turn Jubei was forced to kill the Yamashiro clan in self defense, and decapitated Genma to avenge them.

Genma had acquired immortality by mastering control of his body down to the tiniest bone and blood, allowing him to reconnect any and all severed body parts, even his head or if he is split from top to bottom; Genma can also shapeshift.