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Name in Japanese 濁庵
Rōmaji Translation Dakuan
Appears in Movie, Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Takeshi Aono (movie)
Yuzuru Fujimoto (anime series)
Voice Actor (English) Rudy Luzion (movie)
Dwight Schultz (anime series)
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation/s Tokugawa Shogunate
Status Active

Dakuan (濁庵 Dakuan?) is a spy for the Tokugawa Shogunate. He is a short, old man with a long beard whose disguise is a Buddhist priest. Dakuan has the ability to camouflage himself to literally blend in with his environment, extraordinary healing, and wields a Shakujō which can extend itself, enabling him to use it to vault to high places.

Dakuan is also sent to investigate and stop the Eight Devils of Kimon and their allies, the Shogun of the Dark who wish to overthrow the shogunate. He commits Jubei Kibagami to his cause by stabbing him with a poisoned shuriken and promising him an antidote and 100 pieces of gold only after the devils have been defeated. When he is attacked by Shijima, Dakuan evades his claw and disguises himself as a tree branch to avoid confrontation.