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Name in Japanese 紅里
Rōmaji Translation Benisato
Appears in Movie
Voice Actor (Japanese) Gara Takashima
Voice Actor (English) Jenny Haniver
Personal Info
Gender Female
Affiliation/s Eight Devils of Kimon
Status Deceased

Benisato (紅里 Benisato?) is one of the Eight Devils of Kimon. Her ability is the control of snakes, that actually come from her body totally naked in many shapes and forms. She also has the ability to shed her skin like a snake. Her body is covered in serpentine tattoos, and these tattoos come to life and try to kill Jubei. She is first seen after Jubei defeated Tessai after the latter copies Jubei's image into his handprint for her to find. Benisato then attempted to seduce and kill Jubei in the Hot Springs with the use of her snake tattoos. Once Jubei snaps out of her spell, Benisato escapes using her cast-off skin. She is then threatened by Yurimaru after her failure. Later when Jubei is at a deserted temple, Benisato possesses an elderly woman there and kills her with snakes before emanating Jubei on the ground. Benisato then interrogates Jubei on who else was traveling with him other than the monk Dakuan. It's there that Kagero sneaks up on Benisato from behind with a knife to the latter's throat and demanding to get rid of her snakes. Benisato then tries to poison Kagero with a snake that slithers out of her vaginal crotch, only for Kagero to brush it off and demand again. Benisato is forced to disperse her snakes. She is the second of the Devils to be defeated. Before interrogations about the Eight Devils of Kimon could begin, Benisato is killed from afar by Yurimaru with a long cable, electrocuting her to a convulsing death. She is the second of the Devils to be defeated.

Benisato is a seductive woman and Zakuro has claimed that she has slept with the leader of the Eight Devils of Kimon; Genma Himuro.